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The Crossfire Wallet: Ghost Edition

The Crossfire Wallet: Ghost Edition

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Snap closure pocket for safe keeping on one side, and open pocket on the outside for quick access! Instant classic - made from Ghost Leather! 👻 What is ghost leather?? It’s leather that is dyed a base color, and then covered with a top layer of wax. The wax will rub off and disappear with time and use, only remaining in crevices and small areas allowing the base color to come thru. We only get very small pieces of this special leather which means each run is limited in quantity and may not return!

This leather is quite sensitive to marking/scratching so you may receive a piece that already has some of the wax marked up. We always try to handle with great care but because it is so sensitive, markings can happen when we make these pieces. They will come out with use as the wax begins to break down!

This wallet is made from top grade, full grain, vegetable tanned Italian leather. It has a slight rustic look which adds to it's depth and makes for one heck of a patina over time with use!
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